So Many Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

Since the peak wedding season is May-September, winter weddings already have a way of standing out and feeling so special. With the chilly weather right around the corner, we’ve decided to highlight our top 7 reasons to have yourself a merry little winter wedding!

7 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding EVJ CO.jpg

1. let it snow!

While you might want to keep your fingers that it doesn’t blizzard on your big day, a little snow goes a long way in capturing the perfect winter-vibe. We’ve had brides who used it as the perfect opportunity to wear beautiful faux-fur stoles, gorgeous shrugs or shawls for the bridesmaids and handsome scarves for the groom and his groomsmen! Another advantage is that the fresh dusting of glistening white snow everywhere is just breathtaking in photos.

2. Get cozy

In the summer months most of our brides are worried about sweating through their makeup and their groomsmen feel like they’re going to over-heat in their tuxes. When you have a winter wedding you can get all cozy-ed up in blankets, flannels, sweaters, etc. and take some really cute photos. Just the thought of being all snuggled up feels so special.

3. Warm up at the bar

Forgo the tropical frozen cocktails for spiked hot chocolate, apple cider, or delicious coffee drinks. You can add in candy canes, cinnamon sticks, marshmallows and the like so that your guests can truly indulge in something special.

7 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding EVJ CO.jpg

4. Honeymooning fun

There’s nothing better than going somewhere warm in the middle of the winter. We suggest taking a trip somewhere to relax and sit in the sun after your months of wedding planning and cold weather. Or- if you still want to stick to the winter feel of it all, you can always rent a cabin and hit the slopes with your new spouse!

5. Free Decor

Most of the time venues have their own decorations around the holidays. If your winter wedding is near a major holiday, they may have some really beautiful decor as it is. Not only will it feel all cozy and magical, it’s less decor that you have to worry about.

6. Discounted Rates

Since winter months are not during peak wedding season, most venues offer discounted rates in order to get those dates filled up. Usually you can score amazing offers from places for a fraction of what it would be during other months. Yes, please!


7. Use bolder colors

Another one of our favorite things about winter weddings is that it’s often easier to incorporate bolder colors. Gorgeous textures like velvet, and deep hues like burgundy really help to make you feel luxurious. Why not try it out for your engagement photos!

These are some of our favorite reasons to consider a winter wedding. What are your top reasons?- we’d love to hear them. If these ideas are speaking straight to your heart be sure to reach out and we will get started on planning that dream winter wedding with you! If you’re in LA, NY, or NJ you can get started right here.