5 Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Wedding

In the midst of planning your wedding it’s likely you’ve had so many decisions to make that you’ve started to lose sight of what the day is really about- celebrating the love between you are your fiance. With family and friends all eager to give their two cents, having a wedding that is uniquely you can become a bit more challenging than you once thought.

We’re outlining 5 ways that you can be sure to add those special touches that will make all of your guests say “Oh, this is SO (your names here!)”.

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  1. Unique Wedding Stationery

A practical place to start is with your save-the-dates and invitations since these are the first things that your guest will experience regarding your big day. Gone are the days where wedding stationery needs to be super formal and rigid. If you and your fiance are known for your senses-of-humor, why not inject some of that into your design with a mad-lib style RSVP card? If you have a pet that is basically your child, maybe you want to include him or her on your save-the-dates. These will help ensure that you have that truly unique wedding you’re hoping for.

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2. A Sentimental First Dance Song

It’s pretty standard to choose a romantic song that has a special meaning to you both, but maybe you have a talented family-member or friend who would love to record a special version just for you? Or, instead of opting for a typical first-dance song, perhaps there’s one that has a significant meaning for your relationship because you guys used to belt out in the car together, you can always ask your DJ or band to play a slowed down rendition of it to add that special touch to your wedding.

3. Favors with meaning

Another way to incorporate a personal touch into your wedding, is to decide which part of your life you want to share the most with your guests and then choose a creative favor within that theme so they can take a little bit home with them to remember your wedding by. If the two of you love going to the casino together, lottery ticket scratch offs would be a really cute idea for wedding favors. For a couple who frequents the local donut shop on the regular, gifting their favorite donuts out to wedding guests could be such a sweet personal touch.


4. Bridal bouquet’s From the heart

Your bridal bouquet is a chance to incorporate a special touch that is more for you and/or your bridesmaids. You could surprise each of your bridesmaids with a charm of their initial added to their bouquet, or even include a locket with a photo of those you wish could be there with you on your big day. This way your bouquet is unique, special, and heartfelt.

5. an alternative Guestbook

These days it is becoming more common to use an alternative guestbook- something other than a book that your guests can all sign with well wishes that you will have as a keepsake for years to come. This is where you can get really creative! Do you and your fiance love playing games together? Have guests sign a game board or a personalized deck of cards. If you both love to travel you could have everyone sign on a globe or large map that gives you warm fuzzy feelings every time you look at it.

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6. Personality filled place cards

Add a simple personal touch to your place cards by incorporating something unique about you and your fiance. For a couple that went on many dates to the zoo, spray paint some little toy animals to match your decor and lets guests get excited about which one they get! Or if you guys got engaged on a holiday you could add a cute little momento as a personal touch.

7. Creative Table Numbers

Instead of using traditional table numbers, you could choose to add in a personal touch by finding old photos of you and your fiance from when you were kids. Table 1 would include a photo of both of you from that age, and so on. Honestly, you don’t even need it to be a number. If you and your fiance met in college, maybe each table could represent a certain building on campus! As long as you make it clear where your guests should go, that’s all that really matters.

There are so many ways you can incorporate personal touches to your wedding so that it is truly unique. After all, this day is all about the two of you! These are just a few ideas, get creative and let us know yours in the comments! For help with any and all of your wedding planning needs in LA, NY, & NJ, be sure to head over here to check out our services.