Jacquelyn's Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips


Congratulations - you’re engaged!  You’re so excited to be marrying your best friend and still staring at that sparkly new hardware on your ring finger when suddenly it hits you…WE HAVE TO PLAN A WEDDING!  Don’t stress, babe - we’ve got you covered. 

 Our founder, Jacquelyn, gives you the inside scoop to help make your wedding day as smooth as the fondant on your wedding cake.  Pop open that bottle of bubbly and check out her top ten wedding planning tips:  


ONE - Get with the Program 

Your wedding day timeline is the single most important element to ensure a smooth, easy, organized wedding day.  You want family, friends, and vendors to know what they should be doing and when they should be doing it.  Time is a domino effect so don’t lose time on the most important day of your life.  At EVJ, we have it down to a science – never mind fashionably late or rushed, we are right on time.  


TWO - Let’s Get Some Shoes  

Not many of us are strolling around in designer stilettos every day like Carrie Bradshaw…so don’t start on your wedding day.  Buy shoes that you can walk in!  Brides spend so much money on cute (mostly uncomfortable) expensive designer shoes that they wear for an hour or less, and trade them in for Tom’s. 


THREE – Swipe Right on Your Vendors 

Don’t just pick a vendor because your best friend’s sister said they’re the best around.  You need to date your vendors – make sure you hire vendors that are not only qualified but also nice and you actually like.  You will be trusting them and spending the best day of your life with them; any negative energy can throw the whole day off…we’ve seen it happen. 


IMG_4699 (1).JPG

FOUR – Do Us a Favor 

Skip the traditional favors for guests to take at the end of the night – even if we physically pass them out, ¾ of them are left at the venue and that is wasted wedding budget!  Opt for a late-night snack so they can keep the party going! You’ll be the hero, we promise! 


FIVE – Let’s have a (Bridal) Party! 

Try to keep your bridal party in the single digits on both sides.  It makes it so much easier logistically from hair and make-up start times, to the type of transportation we can use!  We know it’s hard to choose - look for other ways to incorporate the special people in your lives with small roles in your ceremony like an usher or a reader. 


SIX – The A-List  

Remember – if you invite somebody to any celebrations leading up to your wedding day like an engagement party, wedding shower, or bachelorette party then they must make it on the final invite list…A list, not B list. 


SEVEN – No Flying Solo  

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 5.01.42 AM.png

If you are having a holiday or destination wedding, every single person over the age of 21 should get a plus one without question or restriction. Think about it – would you want to travel to a dreamy vacation spot solo? 


EIGHT – Make a Reservation 

Always ask the ceremony location and reception venue what time your vendors will have access to the space to begin set up. Try to negotiate some buffer time. Not sure what time to start? We can help  


NINE – Did You Get My Good Side? 

Make a list of MUST HAVE wedding photographs!  Your wedding day is busy, and this helps us and the photographers exceed expectations without any disappointments. 


TEN – Now Let’s Get Married!  

We all want and expect a wedding perfect day, but it is rare large events ever go off without some sort of hitch.  You can’t plan for the the Best Man accidentally bringing his little brother’s tuxedo jacket or control say…the rain, but WE can come up with solutions so that you can stay focused on the big picture – marrying your best friend. Your job – get married, our job – handling the hiccups! 

 Want more insider tips from Jacquelyn? Let us know what advice you want to hear!  Still feeling overwhelmed?  We got you!  If you’re in the Los Angeles, New York or New Jersey, take a deep breath and check out our Services page.  We’d love to help make your dream wedding come true!