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Author Kasey Koblick-Ferrante

She lives to be the go-to girl. Have a question? She’s already getting you the answer. Lost a button on your dress? She’s already sewing it back on.  Something going wrong? No...that’s just an opportunity looking for a new solution. She makes being one step ahead look effortless, and does it all with her trademark effervescent smile.  

We sat down with Jacquelyn to learn more about EVJ Wedding Co. and how she and her team became the wedding planning wonder women they are today. 

EVJ Wedding Co. opened seven years ago as a one-woman wedding planning show in the Metro New York/New Jersey area.  At what point did you realize that you had found your passion and were ready to grow your business?

J: “I knew I needed to expand very early on.  Within six months of opening, referrals were THROUGH THE ROOF and I simply could not be in two places at once or grow the business by myself.  I honestly have the best group of planners in the game; they give their all to each EVJ couple and family. We have been a five-women team since we started and all of our original planners are still serving our new couples.” 

You recently expanded your business to California!  What brought you to the Golden State?  

J: “I moved to Los Angeles to support my husband’s career.  He moved to LA for about a year before I was able to join him due to wedding date commitments for our EVJ couples.  We are super supportive of one another and made long distance work for us. I was so thrilled when I sent my final East Coast couple off into the sunset on their honeymoon because I was able to move to California full-time!  EVJ has a solid team on the East Coast that continues to book new couples, provide amazing service, and thrive. Moving across the country hasn’t affected the business, and it’s 100% due to our amazingly talented team of planners.”


Now that you’re bi-coastal, you have been able to work in gorgeous venues across the country.  What are some of your favorites and where are you excited to go next?

J: “In New Jersey, we absolutely LOVE Battello in Jersey City.  The scenery, the staff, the food, the atmosphere - it all comes together to create the ultimate experience for any couple who wants a romantic and fun party vibe!  The Park Chateau Estate & Gardens in East Brunswick has been a beautiful addition to the venue scene; their staff, central location, and decor make it perfect for our glam brides.  In Los Angeles, we are crushing on Wattle Mansion. A lot of people are surprised to know it’s part of the LA Department of Recreation and Parks so it’s inexpensive, but looks SO RICH with lush grass and beautifully lavish gardens for guests to wander through during cocktail hour.  One venue we are absolutely dying to work with is The Bel Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades - gorgeous!” 


Do you notice different trends between your East Coast and West Coast brides?

J: “In California, it’s a much more DIY/backyard/boho vibe and the ceremonies are what dreams are made of!”

Your business keeps growing!  What’s next for EVJ?

J: “Destination weddings are being booked left and right!  We’re going to Italy in 2020 and a few other fun locations that we’ll release on social media soon.  Many of our couples have been begging us to stay in their lives for birthdays, anniversaries, and other big milestone celebrations and now we’re finally saying YES to planning those special events!  We’re so excited to be adding Events by EVJ to our services!  We are always looking to grow and love welcoming new planners to the team.  All new planners are trained on our signature customer service style which is something our couples have grown to expect from us.  Of course, we hope to continue to grow our client base in the Metro NY/NJ and Los Angeles areas.” 

What advice do you have for someone who aspires to be a wedding planner?

J: “I interview many applicants who claim that they want to be wedding planners, but many don’t understand the sacrifices required to provide truly outstanding customer service.  Our couples are working 9-5s, so we work when they aren’t which is usually at night or on the weekend and time spent away from our loved ones.”  

If you’re in EVJ Wedding Co.’s service area and contemplating whether a wedding planning service is right for you - the answer is yes!  Hiring EVJ Wedding Co. is like working with your friend who happens to have endless wedding know-how. Jacquelyn and her team make each bride a priority and they have fun doing it.  

If you’re in Los Angeles, New York or New Jersey and looking for a personalized wedding planning experience, visit us at to learn more about our services!

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